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Understanding Water Damage Before Buying A Home

water damage restoration north charlestonWater damage can wreak all sorts of havoc, whether from natural disasters, burst pipes, or malfunctioning appliances. However, not all water damage is immediately visible, so it’s important to know what to look for before buying any property. Any future or current homeowner should know the signs of water damage in the walls or ceiling. No matter the source of water damage, it will eventually lead to serious issues if not caught early or fixed as soon as it is noticed.

Water Damage Restoration – North Charleston

If you are thinking of putting an offer on a home, you will need to know these signs beforehand to avoid dealing with water damage in your new home.

What Is Water Damage?

Water damage describes any possible losses that occur from intruding water, which can stem from heavy rain, burst pipes, overflowing toilets, etc. Even small things, such as a leaky pipe under the sink, can cause large amounts of water damage over time, especially if it goes unnoticed. Mold is one of the largest concerns that come along with water damage, as it is damaging to a person’s health and property. Unfortunately, any water damage that has affected a home’s structure can be dangerous and will be an expensive fix. 

How Fast Does Water Cause Damage? 

As stated earlier, water damage causes serious problems for any property. Unfortunately, the longer water damage is allowed to stay, the more the problems intensify. Each issue results in more time and money that needs to be spent on repairing the damage. 

As soon as water enters a home, contamination will begin to spread. Porous materials like furniture, flooring, and drywall will soak up water. Within hours, those items that soaked up water will begin to swell, humidity levels rise, and mildewy odors will become noticeable. In 24-48 hours, mold will start to grow and infest anything that is damp. If water is left for a few days, solid wood will warp, and paint and wallpaper will bubble, crack, and peel away. The building’s wooden structural components will start to swell and possibly split. 

Water damage that goes completely unnoticed for months, such as a leaky pipe behind a wall, will be taken over by mold and fungus to the point where it is no longer safe for residency. Homes that deal with heavy long-term water exposure may need to be gutted and rebuilt from the inside out.

Signs Of Water Damage

When you are trying to find a home to purchase, doing a walkthrough of the property will give you a chance to look for common signs of water damage. 

  • Peeling, bubbling, or cracking wallpaper or paint on the ceiling and walls
  • Soft Walls
  • Mildewy or moldy smell
  • Discolored or wet spots on the walls or ceiling 
  • Sounds of dripping or rushing water
  • Flaking or cracking drywall
  • Warped or bowing wood
  • Standing water in the basement or signs that the basement has been flooded, like watermarks on the walls

Buying A Home With Water Damage

Buying a home that has been affected by water damage isn’t always a bad thing. You can likely use it as a negotiating tool to lower the price if you think that repairing the water damage is doable. Before buying, check to see if the property is on a flood plain or zone that would constantly be an issue. Moreover, you should schedule a home inspector to let you know if the property’s damage is fixable and the possible costs of restoring it. 

If you have decided that you want to buy a home with water damage, consider contacting water damage restoration professionals. They will be able to restore any damage that water has done to the home and make the home livable. Experts at Clean Masters will remove any signs of water damage to ensure that you are safe in your new home. Buying a new home with problems can be stressful, but Clean Masters will be able to make this house feel like your home.

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