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​​Preventing Water Damage Restoration to Your Foundation

Water Damage Restoration North CharlestonMoisture is the leading cause of weakening and compromising your foundation. Water collects around your foundation from pipe bursts, rain, or over-saturated soil. As moisture accumulates all around the foundation, it increases the pressure on the walls, increasing the risk of cracks that allow water to flow into the house. Below are a few tips for preventing flood damage to your property’s foundation, lowering restoration costs, and keeping excess moisture at bay.

Water Damage Restoration North Charleston

Ensure Proper Drainage

Maintaining proper water drainage in your house is an excellent way to safeguard your home from flood damage and avoid expensive repairs. To begin, make sure that the earth around your building is graded far enough away from the foundation. The ground around your property foundation should slope by at least 6 feet in a 10-foot radius. If this is not possible, you can improve grading and stop water build up around the foundation by adding some dense soil.

Maintain Gutters Clear Of Build Up

Rain gutters clogged with dirt will not be able to direct rainwater away from the building. Each time it rains, water will be allowed to accumulate inside the gutters, eventually flowing over through the sides and the soil near the base of your house. Ensure you clean your gutter system at least two times a year to help make sure rainwater drains properly and to inspect for any gutter system repair work.

Inspect Your Downspouts

Check that your downspouts are guiding rain away from the house. Downspouts are built for routing water away from your building’s foundation, preventing it from accumulating nearby. If your downpipes are not directing water away from the property, consider adding extensions to make sure that water is efficiently directed away from your structure.

Install a Sump Pump

Property owners set up sump pumps on basement floors to prevent excessive water from accumulating. The sump pump basin collects rainwater and also groundwater seepage. When the level of water reaches a certain threshold, the sump pump activates and drains the water into the sewer pipes, drainage systems, or dry wells. A fully functioning sump pump provides additional protection against flood damage to your property’s foundation as well as the basement.

Regularly Inspect Your Roof

Examine your roof at least each year to ensure that it is in perfect condition. Loose, broken, or missing tiles may cause water to trickle down each side of your house instead of into the drainage systems. Maintaining your roof reduces the possibility of water flooding your property’s foundation.

Water Damage Restoration Pros in North Charleston

The key to avoiding foundation water damage and cleanup costs is to maintain adequate drainage near as well as around your household. However, flood damage is not completely preventable, but Clean Masters will be here to assist. We specialize in the cleanup from any source, whether it is around your base or elsewhere in your residence. For water damage restoration in North Charleston, get in touch with our water and flood damage specialists at Clean Masters.

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