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Avoid Water Damage When You Are Out Of Town

Prepare the Pet Sitter or House Watcher After many months stuck at home, are you finally preparing for a vacation? Nowadays, you need to include your vaccination card with your passport. But there are a few more precautions while you are gone. Almost 70% of home burglaries occur when the house is vacant. Having a […]

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Hidden Signs Of Water Damage That Need To Be Restored 

One of the biggest problems with water damage is that it is not always obvious. In fact, in many homes water damage has been present for prolonged periods of time without anyone noticing it. So, how can you spot hidden water damage in your home before it becomes a major problem and the need for […]

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Deep Clean Your Dishwasher

One of the best modern appliances in your kitchen is also a danger to your North Charleston home. When a dishwasher malfunctions, you could have up to six gallons of hot soapy water flooding your floors, cabinets and walls. Keep your machine clean and well maintained to help avoid thousands of dollars of damage. The […]

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