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Five Steps To Prepare For Water Damage Cleanup

When dealing with a water emergency, it is helpful to know what you can do before the experts arrive.   Cut the Power   Turn off all electricity and power until your technicians arrive. In a situation where flooding is due to a pipe burst or water heater failure, shut off the main water line. […]

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The Solution To Water Damage

Water damage is a massive inconvenience for your home or business property. Your North Charleston home may be placed beautifully next to the ocean; and although water serves a great purpose for fun and for a view, it does not when it’s out of control. You could experience water damage through flooding, pipes bursting, roof […]

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Preventing Water Damage In The Attic

(Out of Sight Is Not Out of Mind) Although you don’t use water in the attic, the space above your living space is an area very vulnerable to water damage. And since the area is not accessed often, attic problems have a long time to progress and develop. Over time your home may need roof repair, […]

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Continue Business Operations During Water Damage Restoration

Unfortunately, businesses are not immune to the difficulties of water damage. Of course, the first thing you should do when your business or the business you work at experiences water damage is to call a local professional water damage restoration company to help return the business back to its state before the damage struck.  If […]

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3 Things A Restoration Company Can Repair

When you experience a devastating water damage situation in your North Charleston home, you may think that there is no coming back from this. You might look at your belongings swimming in floodwater or water from a burst pipe and think that everything is going to need to be tossed. However, water damage restoration companies […]

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What To Keep In A Water Damage Emergency Kit

Many people keep emergency kits in their cars, but few will keep an easily transportable kit in their home. They probably assume that they have everything they need in their home, and will not need a specialized kit. However, you know in North Charleston, when a storm starts to head in your direction, you might […]

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Keep Your home Smelling Fresh After Mold Cleanup

If you have a mold problem in your home, you probably smelled it before you saw it. Mold and mildew have an earthy, dirty smell, that isn’t horrible if you want to smell like you rolled around in a mud puddle. However, most people don’t want to have their home smell like that, or themselves […]

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First Time Dealing With A Flood? Here’s What To Do

A flooded home is one of the most stressful and overwhelming things that can happen to you as a homeowner. The vast damaged caused by the flood, the fear of your precious possessions being destroyed, and the stress of how much it may cost you all combine to make it an experience not worth remembering. […]

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Four Questions About Mold Answered

Mold growth is a terrifying prospect for many homeowners. Not only is it gross and smelly, it can be very hazardous to the condition of your home and your health. When it comes to avoiding issues such as this, usually the simplest answers are the most effective. To help you with these simple questions, below […]

water damage charleston, water damage cleanup charleston

Three Of The Most Common Mistakes In Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage cleanup can be a beast of a job. It requires diligent focus and attention to detail. It can also be dangerous if not done the right way. We at Clean Masters in the Charleston area want to help you minimize the dangerous risks associated with the water damage cleanup process and help you […]

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