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Water Damage Restoration North Charleston

​​Preventing Water Damage Restoration to Your Foundation

Moisture is the leading cause of weakening and compromising your foundation. Water collects around your foundation from pipe bursts, rain, or over-saturated soil. As moisture accumulates all around the foundation, it increases the pressure on the walls, increasing the risk of cracks that allow water to flow into the house. Below are a few tips […]

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5 Things That Can Happen When You Delay Calling a Water Damage Company

When you have water damage in your home, it is important to act quickly. If you don’t, you could be facing serious consequences. Let’s take a look at what happens when you don’t act right away. Water damage can be devastating to any home. Although you should immediately call a water damage restoration company and […]

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5 Tips to Prevent Water Damage to Your North Charleston Home

Water damage does not always occur as a result of extreme events such as storms and floods. Pinhole-sized leaks in pipes, improperly graded soil, clogged gutters, or a sump pump that refuses to turn on are all common causes of home damage. Much water damage is caused by easily repairable defects that most do-it-yourself may […]

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Water Damage Cleanup North Charleston: The Most Common Causes Of Basement Floods

Water is the most common cause of damage to households because it can come from a wide range of sources, from sewage backups to heavy rainstorms and burst pipes. When the water enters the property, it will continue spreading through absorbent items, causing more structural damage. Water Damage Cleanup North Charleston Since your basement is […]

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DIY Water Damage Restoration: Risks For N Charleston Homeowners

Water damage always strikes without warning, and it can happen to anyone. Whether you have experienced an overflowing toilet, a burst pipe, or a flood, water damage is a serious problem and you shouldn’t take care of it by yourself. North Charleston Water Damage Restoration Even if you think it is a minor issue, you […]

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How To Avoid Water Damage Cleanup With Your North Charleston Windows

Windows boost your mood with natural light and ventilation, outdoor accessibility and even dust and noise reduction.  But they’re also one of the common causes of water damage in your home. Window and door problems can lead to mold, warping, and structural damage. That is why it is critical to spot leaks early and address […]

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Take These Steps To Avoid Costly Water Damage Restoration

The pipes that provide water to and from our Charleston homes are essential to daily life. One of the most common causes of water damage in homes though is also due to pipes. Leaky, clogged, or blocked pipes can leave your home in need of water damage restoration, instead of providing convenient water supply to […]

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Which Is Worse – A Leak Or A Flood?

Too much water in your home is always a problem. Not only does excess moisture damage your home itself and your possessions, it also can start a chain of events that can lead to water damage. And while both leaks and floods need a multistep clean up, when it comes to insurance companies and repair […]

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Avoid Water Damage When You Are Out Of Town

Prepare the Pet Sitter or House Watcher After many months stuck at home, are you finally preparing for a vacation? Nowadays, you need to include your vaccination card with your passport. But there are a few more precautions while you are gone. Almost 70% of home burglaries occur when the house is vacant. Having a […]

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Do Specialty Windows Always Cause Water Damage?

Tourists flock to Chaleston to be transported back in time through architecture. Our city is renowned for it’s “sideways” house in the oldest sections. When the city’s first streets were laid out in 1680, residential lots were long and deep.  Placing homes sideways on the lot made the most of the narrow street frontage. In […]

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