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Things To Be Mindful Of To Prevent Major Water Damage

water damage cleanup north charlestonHere at Clean Masters, we have done water damage cleanup for a number of different causes in North Charleston homes. From major flooding to small leaks, we have seen and fixed it all. Unfortunately, water damage cleanup is required far too often, but the good news is we are here to help. 

Common Causes Of Water Damage In North Charleston

We are going to share with you some of the most common causes of water damage in our homes so you can be better prepared and more alert. Finding and responding to water damage as quickly as possible can make all the difference between a small fix to a major restoration

  1. Broken or Damaged Pipes: A water leak from a pipe in your plumbing system may sound like a small problem, but it can lead to serious problems – especially if it goes unnoticed for extended amounts of time. Pipes develop rust over time leading to corrosion, being the most common cause of leaky pipes. Other reasons your pipes could spring a leak are as follows – water pressure that exceeds the limit, weak pipe joints, freezing temperatures, and loose or broken connectors. 
  2. Appliance Malfunction: Appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters, all have water running to and from them to function. When these appliances malfunction, they can leave you in need of major water damage cleanup. One of the most common causes of the malfunction is leaks in the water supply lines whether from cracks, kinks, or loose connections. Overloading appliances, using incorrect detergents, or failing to follow maintenance guidelines can also lead to water damage from appliances. Be sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions on correct usage and care guidelines to keep your appliances functioning correctly.
  3. Clogs or Blockages: Any time the flow of water is impeded, the result will be water damage. Blockages in drains, blocked toilets, or even rain gutters can leave you needing a water damage cleanup. When drains become blocked, water is not able to drain so it can back up into your home. Clogged toilets will result in overflow which not only requires water damage cleanup but also thorough sanitizing to adequately clean it up. Rain gutters channel water from your roof and away from your home and its foundation. If rain gutters get too much built up, water will pool up and run down the side of your home where it can pool next to the foundation. This increases the threat of water seeping into your basement which can go unnoticed for extended amounts of time and lead to mold and other microbial growth. 

Now that you know some of the most common causes of water damage, you can be more alert and pay closer attention to problem areas so you can catch them before they lead to a major cleanup. Regardless of the cause of the water damage, source of the water, and size or scope of the damage, Clean Masters can handle the cleanup. We are available 24/7 to respond to your water damage the moment it happens and will have the problem cleaned up as quickly as possible. Contact us when you need help!

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