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Water Damage Cleanup North Charleston: The Most Common Causes Of Basement Floods

water damage cleanup north charlestonWater is the most common cause of damage to households because it can come from a wide range of sources, from sewage backups to heavy rainstorms and burst pipes. When the water enters the property, it will continue spreading through absorbent items, causing more structural damage.

Water Damage Cleanup North Charleston

Since your basement is the lowest point of the house and soil moisture is surrounding it, the basement is particularly vulnerable to floods. One of these sources is most likely to blame for the excess water in your basement.

Gutters Full of Debris

Gutters are an important feature of your property’s rainwater collection system. They divert surplus water from the foundation by directing it from the roofs to the downspouts.  They can often clog with branches, nuts, leaves, and other dirt, and since they are not visible, it is easy to overlook them. Clogged gutters can’t direct water away from the house and can overflow during rainfalls, resulting in waterfalls that increase the risk of floods. Clean your gutters regularly, and consider placing coverings over the tops to keep dirt out.

Improperly Installed Downspouts

The downspout’s job is to keep water away from the property and its foundation. Downspouts need to be at least five to seven feet from your basement wall. Thus, should drain water away from the house, usually to the sidewalk or backyard. Water will gather close to the home if your downspouts are missing or broken, and it will slowly leak into your basement or flow in through foundation gaps.

Improperly Sealed Basements

During the construction stage, ensure you seal the tiles and base properly. This is especially crucial in locations where hurricanes, heavy rain, and other extreme weather occurrences are common. Hurricanes come with strong winds and a lot of rain, which can result in basement flooding. Water can flow through the sidewalls from all around the ground if your basement is not properly sealed. You will need to reseal basements that flood only during rainstorms to prevent further flooding.

The Sump Pump Failure

Your basement could flood if the sump pump cannot keep up or if it malfunctions due to a mechanical issue. Even though sump pumps are meant to keep water out of your basement, you need to check, clean, and test them on a regular basis to limit the risk of failure and basement flooding.

Supply Line Leakage

The breakdown of a water supply pipe or a hot-water system is also a common cause of basement flooding. The most serious water leakages tend to happen during the winter season. This occurs when water freezes and expands, eventually bursting pipes and causing basement flooding.

No matter how water ends up getting into your house, you can trust the experts at Clean Masters to provide excellent water damage cleanup in North Charleston. You can reduce the damage that water causes to your home by hiring a water damage expert as soon as possible. Clean Masters professionals are available 24/7 and can inspect the damage and begin the extraction and drying procedure right away. Call us today!

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