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How To Avoid Water Damage Cleanup With Your North Charleston Windows

water damage cleanup north charlestonWindows boost your mood with natural light and ventilation, outdoor accessibility and even dust and noise reduction.  But they’re also one of the common causes of water damage in your home. Window and door problems can lead to mold, warping, and structural damage. That is why it is critical to spot leaks early and address the cause, while you get it professionally cleaned up.

If you see stains on the walls, moisture on sills, or visible mold, you need Clean Masters to make repairs. The technicians can inspect the damage and report back whether the windows have failed. You can then decide whether to make repairs or replace the entire window or door. As the team cleans up the existing damage, you can decide the next steps together. 

Water Damage Cleanup North Charleston

First Impressions

Front doors can really express your style. Homes can capture more natural light with some window panes in the front door. You can choose full visibility or, for more privacy, a peekaboo higher than the eye line. Or you can have the best of both worlds, with mini blinds built inside the door. 

Whether your door has a window or not, it is vulnerable to water damage. Check the threshold, the door frame, and the bottom of the door for signs: discoloration, warping, mildew, crumbling wood. 

Also inspect the floors near all exterior doors. Wet, muddy feet can bring in some water, even more can flow under a poor seal. Your front door is the first thing you experience when you come home– keep this area looking its best. 

Maximizing Those Backyard Views

Sliding glass doors are popular in Charleston. For even more pizazz,  a French slider expands the traditional two-panel configuration to four panels. Unfortunately, these expansive window walls can fail and cause water damage. 

Once the panel gets misaligned, you can have trouble. The tracks can get bent or the weep holes can get clogged, then rain can seep in. Don’t take these beautiful doors for granted, keep them in top shape

All Windows Can Fail and Leak

Old windows are notorious for causing water damage. Often, cracked or missing caulk or sealant around the window allows rain to enter the house. However, even new windows can fail. Leaks at the top of the window can be a sign of poor installation. For example, the flashing might be improperly installed  or it might be missing altogether. Poorly installed house wrap  could cause leaks, too.

If doors or windows leak at the bottom, it is one of two things. If the windows have metal or vinyl frames, the drain holes near the bottom edge of the frame might just be clogged. A more serious problem is if the sill pan slopes inward, not outward. In this situation, Clean Masters may need to reinstall the window to correct the problem and any additional water damage. 

Another problem comes when condensation builds up on the inside of the window. This could indicate 1) too much moisture in the house or 2) not enough insulation around the window. Again, another set of expert eyes from the Clean Masters team will help determine your next steps.    

Professional Services in South Carolina

Are your windows or doors causing water damage to your home? When you find water damage,   you want professional expertise to guide you through cleanup and restoration. Clean Masters locates the original problem source and then tracks down any hidden moisture. Then they will clean up and repair any damaged materials. 

By combining this equipment with our expertly trained technicians, the team has developed a detailed and comprehensive process to ease your stress. Don’t put off calling. The sooner you take care of it, the better.  

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