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Which Is Worse – A Leak Or A Flood?

water damage company north charlestonToo much water in your home is always a problem. Not only does excess moisture damage your home itself and your possessions, it also can start a chain of events that can lead to water damage. And while both leaks and floods need a multistep clean up, when it comes to insurance companies and repair coverage, they are quite different.

Water Damage Company In North Charleston

Leaks of Clean Water

Homeowners often experience water damage as a result of a burst pipe or leaking faucet. When the water comes from an incoming water line, you can assume that there are no microbes or bacteria in the water. However,  you must act quickly to protect materials from molding and degrading. 

Leaks of Dirty Water 

In the industry, these are categorized as ‘grey water’ or ‘black water’, based on the source. Some examples are when a toilet, refrigerator, washing machine, or HVAC system doesn’t drain properly and leaks out. This unclean water requires more precautions than a leak from an incoming water line. An overflowing toilet or broken sewer line means that the clean up crew will use protective equipment and sanitize everything to protect your family from future problems.

“Acts Of Nature” Type Floods

To be considered a flood, a natural disaster or a hurricane must produce a heavy rainfall that inundates the home or causes a flash flood from existing waterways. A river or coastal flood occurs when water levels rise from tropical systems, high tides, and persistent thunderstorms over the same area.  Storm surge is an abnormal rise in water level in coastal areas above normal tide caused by: storm winds, waves, and low atmospheric pressure.

Floods can also happen when you don’t have a proper slope for stormwater runoff around your home or when a storm control basin near you overflows.

All of these scenarios have all the damage of water leaks but also the risk of any debris, chemicals and bacteria from the floodwater. Your property might have been under standing water that has damaged electrical or structural elements 

Combinations of Damage

The bad news is that on this really bad day, you probably have a mix of sources. For example, flood damage originating from a natural disaster, hurricane, or heavy rain event, can lead to sump pump failure or roof leaks. At this point, just get Clean Masters on site to start cleanup. They will quickly assess this situation and start a clean, safe and effective plan for all the damage.  

Is It Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Unfortunately,  homeowner’s insurance will cover flood damage. While your policy usually covers water damage, it will not pay for problems due to a flood event. A homeowner must have a separate flood insurance rider to have coverage for a flood caused by weather events. Clean Masters has a lot of experience with all major insurance companies and will work with your insurance company to help you through the process.

Water Damage Restoration Company In North Charleston

Which is worse? Whichever you are having in your house today. If you have suffered from flooding or any other water damage, Clean Masters restoration specialists can help immediately.  To ensure professional results, they will use infrared thermal imaging to locate all hidden sources of moisture, extract all standing water and set up commercial grade equipment as needed to dry the structure and contents. 

In Charleston, Clean Master’s services range from daily equipment rental to emergency water removal and full content drying. For complete water damage restoration, contact Clean Masters today.

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