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Do Specialty Windows Always Cause Water Damage?

water damage restoration north charleston, water damage cleanup north charlestonTourists flock to Chaleston to be transported back in time through architecture. Our city is renowned for it’s “sideways” house in the oldest sections. When the city’s first streets were laid out in 1680, residential lots were long and deep.  Placing homes sideways on the lot made the most of the narrow street frontage. In hot, humid summers, homeowners could take full advantage of the prevailing southerly breezes.

Walking through our town you can see several distinct historical styles: Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Classical Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Victorian, and Art Deco. But a majority of  Charleston residents like in a more contemporary community. 

Even in the simplest houses, you can add some detail and drama with exciting window styles. Some of these specialty windows enhance the architectural design but make your home vulnerable to water damage. CleanMasters can help you maintain your historic or contemporary home if you have leaky windows. 


Bring in more natural sunlight to windowless rooms. Modern skylights are less prone to leaks than older versions, but even the best skylights leak if not properly installed. And they are not long lived; the general rule is that they need to be replaced every ten years.

If the flashing around your skylight is damaged, missing, or corroded, the unit will leak. In some cases, if the skylight isn’t properly insulated, condensation will accumulate. When warm air from inside the home rises and meets the cold glass, it could drip and lead to water damage.  

Slatted Windows

In the late 40s, jalousie windows—also called louver, slatted or crank-out windows—became popular in hot climates to add more ventilation. Made of several slats of glass, jalousie windows work very much like plantation shutters. However, they are terrible for energy efficiency and difficult to maintain. Many homes suffer from extensive water damage over the years from this sylt of window. 

Transoms And Sidelights

In architecture terms, a transom is a transverse horizontal structural beam separating a door from a window above. Therefore, a transom window is the decorative window placed right above a standard door. In addition to being a stately design choice, transom windows were once used to add air cross-ventilation without having to open a door. However, nowadays many transoms do not open to vent.

Accomplishing the same goal of more light in the entry, sidelights are narrow, vertical windows on an exterior door. They are usually, but not always, paired on both sides. Full light sidelights allow in the most light, while craftsman light sidelights have smaller panes of glass for more privacy.

These fabulous accent windows are subject to the same water damage risks as normal windows. Keep an eye on sills, frames and surrounding drywall for signs of leaks. 

French Doors, Sliders and Moving Glass Wall Systems

You can introduce more light and airflow on an even grander scale. Traditional sliding glass doors can be elevated to provide seamless connection to the outdoors. French doors add appeal to any traditional-styled home. The newer wide, three-panel designs add more sunlight and create a sense of openness with maximum drama.

Reasons Your Windows Leak 

No matter what style your windows are, your home is at risk for water damage if they leak. Some reasons are structural. Commonly, when the protective flashing at the top of the window gets bent or lost, water can get behind the house wrap and into the window opening. If the window sills or fascia board tilt toward the home instead of being angled away, destructive water could be directed into the home via the windows.

Sometimes leaks are due to poor maintenance. Any damaged or missing cauld around the window exterior can allow water to flow into the home. Plus, air can leak out, leading to higher energy bills. 

The last reason that your windows are leaking might just be condensation that forms on the window panes. When 1) the temperature differential is great, 2) humidity is high, and 3) the insulation is poor, water can build up and damage the wooden  frames.

For Water Damage Companies In North Charleston

If your windows leak, call CleanMasters water damage restoration experts for help. They will diagnose the cause, and then repair everything. The technicians will use infrared thermal imaging to reduce the risk of future mold. 

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