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4 Things To Know About Flooding And Water Damage Restoration

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Homeowners have been dealing with flooding since people have owned homes. It’s a natural part of having a location where you live and have water around you 24/7, properly washing, flowing, being diverted, and eventually sent away. It’s when some of that water gets in the wrong place that you really have to deal with it. Here are 4 things you need to know about flooding in your home: 

Water Damage Restoration In Charleston

  1. Mold Growth. Mold can start to grow in water-damaged areas in as little as 48 hours. One of the reasons that professionals in water damage restoration should probably be called in any time you experience water damage or flooding, mold can be dangerous to the health of you and your loved ones. It can also grow in areas that are not easily accessed or seen, making it sneaky and difficult to truly remove yourself. 
  2. Water types. There are different types of water that can all potentially be damaging to your home. If the water is uncontaminated, like water flowing to your tap, you have the first type- “clean” water. If the water is from a slightly contaminated source, like a dishwasher or washing machine, or from clean toilets, you have “gray” water and it may have some harmful substances in it. You should take some care when cleaning this up (for example, it may be a good idea to wear protective clothing.) The last type is “black” water, and, as the name implies, is the dirtiest type. It comes from highly contaminated sources like sewage pipes and can contain waste, and harmful bacteria. You should never attempt to clean this up yourself, and take extra care and caution not to even be exposed to this type of water.
  3. Place a high priority on your safety during early restoration. Upon seeing that your home has flooded or seeing other water damage, most of us want to jump right in and do everything we can do to restore our home back to normal. This is a good instinct, but your efforts need to be framed with safety. Before entering the area, turn off the power to the area. Don’t plug anything into wet outlets. Don’t step into black water without bodily protection. And, don’t stand under or on top of anything that is sagging. Please, please, take care of yourself for your, your family, our, and everyone else’s sake. 
  4. Have a plan. Jump into action after safety precautions have been taken and you have called water damage professionals for help, so they can be on their way. Establish a good air current in your home. Use buckets, towels, wet-dry vacuums, and air movers to dry out the area. Remove furniture if possible (but remember that it will be extra heavy) and move valuables to a safe, dry place. Remove rugs, clothing, and clutter to the extent possible so that no time needs to be wasted in the restoration process by moving small stuff around. 

If you’re dealing with a flood, don’t waste time calling in water damage restoration professionals such as Clean Masters Restoration in Charleston to help you restore your home. Time is of the essence, and, with proper attention, your home can be back to normal in no time at all. 


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