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Water Damage Prevention and Restoration

water damage restoration mount pleasant, water damage mount pleasant, water damage repair mount pleasantWater is essential for life. It is never fun to deal with and just adding more water will only exacerbate the problem. There’s always the safety net of water damage restoration. Professionals can come in and help make your home look and feel the way it was before the water damage occurred. The only thing better would be to prevent the water damage from ever occurring in the first place. 

Water Damage Restoration In Mount Pleasant

Thankfully there are precautionary measures you can take to prevent water damage and costly restoration. Though these steps taken may not stop every scenario, it will help you get ahead of the game and give you greater peace of mind. Water could be a problem anywhere, but rainy and humid places such as Mount Pleasant could especially become a problem. That is why our water damage restoration specialists agree it’s always best to first be prepared.


  • Clean gutters: Be sure to clean your gutters regularly to ensure they do not get blocked or ice hasn’t formed inside. Blocked gutters could lead to the gutters overflowing and water making puddles on the edges of your house. This can lead to water seeping into the foundation and causing problems later on.
  • Maintain trees and other outside plant growth: Trees and other plants are very pretty and worth having however they do need to be maintained. If roots grow too big, there is a chance that they create problems with your pipes. When roots press up against water pipes they can cause them to break.
  • Maintain your appliances: Appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine are amazing and for some, a must have. These appliances if left unmaintained can be problematic. If you don’t make sure that your appliances are still in good working order and you don’t do the things necessary to ensure they stay that way, they could leak or do worse one day and then you are in much bigger trouble with the water damage.
  • Perform routine check-ups and repairs: Like most of the prevention tips mentioned, routine check-ups and repairs do take time and sometimes cost money. They are completely worth it though. By going around to check your pipes, gutters, and even the roof, and repairing where needed, you will be saving yourself from so much more time and money in the long run.
  • Monitor your water bill: This tip is an interesting one. If you’re anything like me, I watch most of my bills like a hawk and most of the time when I see a bill spike, I assume it was a mistake and contact the business responsible. However your water bill can be very helpful in diagnosing a water problem. If your water bill spikes, you might need to do some investigative work to ensure that there isn’t a leak somewhere.

These few simple tips will be helpful in preventing water damage from occurring. As mentioned before, if water damage does occur, it isn’t the end. Our water damage restoration specialists at Clean Masters will be available to respond to all your restoration needs.

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