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Water Damage Restoration Mt. Pleasant, SC

water damage restoration mount pleasant, water damage repair mount pleasant, water damage cleanup mount pleasantImagine you’re on a lovely excursion in tropical paradise, or visiting family and friends away from home. Doesn’t that sound nice? Imagine arriving back to your own home, satisfied with your getaway, and stepping in a big puddle of water. Unfortunately, this happening is not a rare occasion. Thankfully if this were to happen, there are water damage restoration professionals in the Mount Pleasant area ready to help, such as the team at Clean Masters Disaster Restoration Services. Let’s discuss causes of and prevention tips for water damage to avoid costly restoration. 

Water Damage Restoration In Mount Pleasant 

What Causes Water Damage?

  • Roofs: Roofs protect us from the elements. When parts of the roof break off, or the roof remains without proper maintenance for a long period of time, the interior of our homes are in danger of extensive damage. 

Prevention- A few times a year, or after big storms, examine your roof and take care of any needed replacing, patching, or additional maintenance.

  • Rain gutters: Rain gutters act as pathways for free flowing water, such as rain. When they get clogged, flowing water can become standing water. This allows for water to sit and sink into any material that will absorb it. At this point, water damage has begun. 

Prevention – Clean out rain gutters at least twice a year—that is about as many times as you need to examine the roof. You can kill two birds with one stone, and keep the interior of your home safe. 

  • Washing machine: Sometimes hoses come detached from behind the machine, or the door seal fails.

Prevention – Periodically check around the machine for signs of water damage. If you see signs of water damage, contact a water damage restoration professional in the Mt. Pleasant area immediately, and check for parts of the machine that may be faulty and failing, such as the hoses. 

  • Pipes: Broken pipes mean free flowing water. Free flowing water means flooding! Pipes can burst or break in multiple different ways. They can corrode, become loose, or the water inside could freeze. The freezing water expands, builds pressure around the pipe, and ultimately bursts the pipe.

Prevention – If you ever detect water damage in any form (warping, discoloration, mold growth, etc.), always contact a water damage restoration professional, like those at Clean Masters Restoration Services to come assess the damage. Other than that, if you leave for lengthy vacations, turn the water off. If temperatures ever threaten to reach freezing, keep even heat distribution by allowing the thermostat to remain at a comfortable temperature. Along with this, open cupboards and cabinets during the coldest part of the day (usually during the night). Check under sinks periodically for signs of leakage and water damage.

  • Garbage disposal: A leaky garbage disposal doesn’t often go unnoticed for too long. The smell gives it away fairly quickly!

Prevention – Because a leaky garbage disposal can cause substantial damage to the kitchen flooring and cabinets, it is wise to check under the kitchen sink frequently. Look for signs of water damage. Like every water damage case, contact a water damage restoration specialist immediately! The longer water sits, the more damage it does. 

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