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The Ins And Outs Of Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration mount pleasant, water damage cleanup mount pleasant, water damage repair mount pleasantWater is one of, if not the most essential substances on earth for all life forms. It is also one of the most destructive. Over thousands of years, water carved out the Grand Canyon! Water continues to carve out paths, shaping rocks, pushing its way through mountains, and softening and shifting some of the strongest elements known to man. Knowing this, water is our greatest friend, and our greatest enemy! If you have the need for water damage restoration in the Mount Pleasant area, Clean Masters Damage Restoration Services is one of the groups of professionals here to help. 

Water Damage Restoration In Mount Pleasant

How To Prevent Water Damage

Water damage occurs from standing water. Standing water is a result of flooding, or slow leaking. As water sits, it weakens the material that is supporting it. In a building, this material is oftentimes wood. This is when water damage becomes dangerous. As it weakens the wood, it has potential to weaken important structural elements of the home. Weakened structural elements are a red flag, and become an emergency situation.

Frequently check areas where water flows. This includes washing machines, dishwashers, sinks (especially around the garbage disposal), outside water access, rain gutters, etc. Be on the lookout for water spots, discoloration, and strange smells, among others. Keep rain gutters cleaned out. Roof leaks tend to damage ceilings and walls. If not caught (sometimes it’s difficult to catch as it’s an internal leak), this damage could go from just water damage, to mold damage as well. This goes for any type of water damage. 

How Does One Go About Restoring Water Damage?

It’s not as simple as just grabbing a few towels and mopping up the mess. Because water is absorbed, it’s easy to get the surface dry, and not even know the damage that is beginning to occur beneath. Because of this, it’s important to find someone with the right equipment. If water damage restoration is needed in the Mount Pleasant area, there are professionals, such as those at Clean Masters, that are ready and willing to help. Water damage restoration specialists have the necessary equipment to locate and dry those unseen areas. 

Many specialists will use infrared technology to locate areas with moisture. The next step would be to bring in powerful blowers and fans. It’s common for these blowers and fans to have attachments that guide the air to the affected areas. These specialists make it a habit to monitor progress daily and make sure areas are drying completely. Oftentimes, if new drywall is needed, or new flooring, professionals will work with you to make sure everything is set back to normal before they consider the job complete. 

Water damage restoration usually does not take more than one week to accomplish. The elements that may prolong getting things back to normal would be the need for new carpet, flooring, drywall, etc. Before leaving, professionals will double check, with the technology available, that all signs of moisture have been eradicated, and that further damage will not occur.

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