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Air Conditioners Can Cause Water Damage 

water damage charleston, water damage repair charleston, water damage restoration charlestonWhat is the difference between a “balmy” summer and a miserable one? How comfortable you are when you enter your home! In these steamy Charleston summers, an efficient A/C system is a blessing to your wallet and your comfort. Waking up every morning when the humidity is over 90% sure makes you appreciate that cool, fresh, dry air. However,  leaking air conditioner units are one of the major causes of water damage in Charleston. 

Typical System Failures

Although HVAC systems are fairly complicated, a majority of the failures are caused by just simple reasons by a few key components. As a result, an accumulation of water can overflow the drain pan– spilling gallons of water in attic spaces or in HVAC closets. Sometimes you notice the problem immediately (when water drips into your living room) but sometimes it takes months or you to discover the moisture. Either way, the building materials in your home can not handle direct, sustained contact with moisture. Clean Masters is a full-service restoration company that specializes in correcting, repairing, and restoring water damage. 

Clogged condensate drain, frozen coils, or a misplaced condensate pan could all lead to water damage. Sometimes, thermostats can act up and cause cooling systems to function improperly. Air conditioners typically cool at 15-20 degrees at a time before kicking off, and if the air in the home is already hot, it’s going to take longer than usual to cool to a comfortable level. Another fixable problem is a dirty air filter.

If your unit never shuts off, you definitely have a problem. Even on the hottest of days, your air conditioner should not be running constantly. Adding zones so that you only heat and cool those rooms that are being used, is a great way to cut back on your energy costs and to make your HVAC system work more efficiently.

Window Units Can Cause Water Damage, Too

Many homes have central air, but some floor plans can benefit from some extra support. As handy and inexpensive as they are, window air conditioners can often cause even more water damage. Since they rest on the window sill, they may leak and damage it permanently. 

Most often when this happens, a window A/C will leak because it is not level. If the unit was installed at a forward tilt, the condensate water may leak inside your home.  Clean Masters will be able to repair any damage and prevent mold in the future. 

Water Damage Restoration in Charleston

If your air conditioner fails and causes water damage, call CleanMasters for help. They will use infrared thermal imaging and will perform a thorough extraction to remove all standing water. Next, they will repair all the damaged materials and prevent future mold. They also work closely with your insurance company in order to make the water removal process as painless as possible for you.

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