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Water Damage Restoration: Protect Your Charleston Home

water damage restoration charleston, water damage repair charleston, water damage cleanup charlestonEach year, 1 of every 50 insured homeowners in the United States files a house water damage claim with their insurance company. Some of those claims are for clean water damage, which is caused by leaking plumbing pipes. Now that you are spending more time at home, there are a few things that you can easily do to protect your most valuable asset and prevent the higher cost of water damage restoration in the future.

Plan for Potential Problems

Step one – keep the Clean Masters phone number close by in case of emergencies. Then practice shutting off the main water saves time and can save your home from water damage.

The shut-off valve is usually located near your home’s perimeter. It’s either on the ground floor or the basement. You should also know where the interior shut-off valves are for your plumbing fixtures. Take a minute and find the valve for your toilets, sinks, and washing machine.

Replace Old Hoses

Hoses, fittings and gaskets don’t last forever; they get brittle and leaky, which puts you at risk. If your machine came with standard rubber hoses, buy stainless steel-braided hoses when you replace them. For a few dollars more why not invest in auto-shutoff hoses? Shop online at your home improvement store; these inexpensive upgrades offer a lot of protection. 

Install Water Sensors and Detection Systems

Many homeowners use smart technology to prevent house water damage. Water sensors detect the presence of water and sound the alarm. If you use professional alarm monitoring, the sensor sends a notification to the alarm company. If you don’t use an alarm company, the notification goes to your smartphone through an app.

You can buy programmable water sensor systems that automatically shut off the water to your home and send an alert to your phone. Leak detection systems can significantly limit damage to homes and belongings. Options include: 

  • Device sensors
    Placed near water-using appliances and devices, these sensors will send an alert to your smartphone when a water leak is detected.
  • Centralized systems
    By combining a water shut-off valve with a wireless control panel, these systems sound an alarm in the house or send an alert to your smartphone and turn off the home’s water supply when continuous water flow is detected.
  • Combination systems
    These systems use sensors near water-using appliances and shut-off valves attached to the home’s main water supply. They are triggered either when a small leak is detected near an appliance, too much water is flowing through the home’s plumbing, or when the home’s temperature falls below 40 degrees.

Water Damage Restoration In Charleston

With more time at home, you may notice signs of water damage. Call our water damage restoration experts for help. They will use infrared thermal imaging and will perform a thorough extraction to remove all standing water. They also work closely with your insurance company in order to make the water damage restoration process as painless as possible for you.

Clean Master’s services range from daily equipment rental to emergency water damage restoration and full content drying. For water damage restoration in Charleston, contact us today.

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