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Steps To Successful Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration charleston, water damage charleston, water damage cleanup charlestonWhen homeowners go away for a business trip or vacation, they often create a list of things that need to be taken care of so that the home is safe during their absence. The list may include finishing the last load of laundry or getting rid of food products that are going to go rotten. One thing that homeowners often forget to do before they leave their homes for a period of time is to turn off the water. When the water to your home is forgotten, you might come home to a burst pipe or flooding from the washing machine. This isn’t a common situation to come home to, but it is possible. The longer the water sits, the greater the extent of the damage, and the costlier the restoration and repairs. It’s important to know that if you ever find yourself in a water damage situation, immediate action is necessary to decrease the damage and reduce costs. 

Steps To Successful Water Damage Restoration In Charleston

You don’t have to be a pro at water damage restoration to understand a few important steps that you and your restoration company need to take to remove, cleanup and restore damage from water effectively and safely. Always contact a professional company immediately. Calling professionals like Clean Masters Disaster Restoration in Charleston is a great way to make sure that all of your water damage restoration needs are taken care of. Professionals are trained to know how to best handle any type of water disaster. Once they are involved, there are several steps that they will take as professionals.

  1. They will use infrared thermal imaging to locate all hidden sources of moisture.
  2. They will perform a thorough extraction to remove all standing water.
  3. They will set up equipment as needed to dry the structure and contents.
  4. They will monitor the drying process daily and answer any questions you have.
  5. They will work with your insurance company to help you through the process.

There are also a few things that you can do –

  1. Take A Quick Assessment – While you wait for the professionals to come, take a quick assessment of the damage. It will be important to take good notes to help the professionals know exactly where the water is coming from and how they can best fix the problem.
  2. Clean-Up Where And If You Can – Water comes from a variety of sources and some may not be clean. Outside floodwaters and sewage water are contaminated and dangerous. Do not attempt to cleanup any water from these sources. Water damage restoration experts have safety equipment and tools to safely handle this water and decontaminate the affected areas. 
  3. Don’t Put It Off – No matter how small the damage is, it can spread and turn into a larger problem if it’s not handled the right way immediately. Water damage can quickly turn into more complex problems like mold contamination and become much more costly and difficult to cleanup and repair. Water damage restoration companies work quickly to extract water and dry the affected areas thoroughly so that mold cannot become an issue for you.

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