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What Is “Ultrasonic Contents Cleaning”?

contents cleaning charleston, professional contents cleaning charlestonFire and water cause enormous damage to countless homes every year. Property losses from fire topped $19 billion in 2016 according to the Insurance Information Institute. Water damage and mold costs the U.S. insurance industry $2.5 billion annually, reports the Water Damage Defense.

The damage is not only to the buildings but also to all the “stuff.” When your Charleston home experiences fire or water damage, each of your things needs to be cleaned and sterilized. If you just wipe it off with a dirty towel, you risk more damage, further degradation, potential mold, and a continuous odor. 

We at Clean Masters would like to introduce ultrasonic cleaning, which is an efficient, effective, and detailed method to clean and disinfect a multitude of different items – much faster and more thoroughly than cleaning by hand: ceramics and figurines, window blinds, dishes/china, precious metals like gold, silver, brass, glass chandeliers. 

How Does It Work?

As the name implies, these machines pass ultrasonic sound waves through a water-based solution of water softener and a mild detergent. Ultrasonic Cleaning use bubbles created by sound waves as those waves move through the water. This “cavitation”  is the formation of bubbles as a cavity in the water. If you’ve ever seen the foam left in the water by a spinning boat propeller, then you’ve seen cavitation in action. 

Because the cavitation molecule is so small, ultrasonic parts cleaners can easily and uniformly scrub and remove smoke residues on various surfaces, or remove water damage and associated mold. When cavitation happens near a dirty object, the vacuum action produced by those million of imploding bubbles creates a tiny pressure wave that reaches deep into even the most delicate items and dislodges the dirt. The broken-up debris is gently lifted away.  

When this technology is performed by trained technicians in a controlled environment, what seemed like ruined items can be saved. Ultrasonic technology has changed the contents cleaning industry by making precision cleaning faster, safer, and less expensive. Ultrasonic cleaning greatly surpasses the results of traditional cleaning methods. Non-toxic ultrasonic bubbles remove microscopic contaminants and don’t require harsh chemicals.

Visit our website to see “before and after“examples of items that were cleaned with the Ultrasonic Cleaning System.  

Why Is It Better Than Hand Washing?

Since every single item in that is going back into your home must be cleaned, a normal house, or even a warehouse, does not have space or available hands to wash, rinse and dry each piece. Ultrasonic cleaning allows a restoration team to save many fragile and valuable pieces that would fall apart with traditional hand washing.

Plus, insurance companies now prefer to pay for cleaning rather than content cash-out replacement.  

Contents Cleaning In Charleston

If your home has suffered a fire or severe flooding, you need help– both the manpower and the expertise to save your stuff.  Since 1990, Clean Masters Disaster Restoration Services has provided full-service emergency restoration services. They work with your insurance company to properly document the cleanup process. 

For any water damage, fire damage or contents cleaning help in Charleston or surrounding cities, contact us.

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