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Five Steps To Prepare For Water Damage Cleanup

water damage charleston, water damage cleanup charlestonWhen dealing with a water emergency, it is helpful to know what you can do before the experts arrive.


  • Cut the Power


Turn off all electricity and power until your technicians arrive. In a situation where flooding is due to a pipe burst or water heater failure, shut off the main water line. If you cannot determine where the source of water is, call an expert immediately and they will inspect and find the damage for you.  


  • Call A Restoration Company Immediately


Fortunately, there’s no need to panic—just call the experts. Most water damage restoration companies offer 24/7 emergency services. So even if a water disaster happens in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to call.  The most important thing? Do not wait! Putting off a restoration service will cause long-term damage, which ultimately means long-term expenses. Save your time, money, and energy and call the water damage cleanup professionals as soon as you notice any problems.

Did you know?

Clean Masters offers 24/7 service for schools, hospitals, residential homes, and commercial businesses in Charleston and its surrounding areas. Within an hour, they arrive on site, assess the damage, and begin the cleanup process—all handled by certified technicians.


  • Move Furniture and Belongings Outside


Take several pictures of the damage and write down an inventory of your damaged items. The list can include anything from appliances, electronics, clothes, artwork, and furniture.

Before the specialists arrive, move any furniture, curtains, and rugs outside (if weather permits), and leave out to dry. If it is raining outside, place items in another dry space. Any other personal belongings should be accounted for and moved to safety.


  • Eliminate Water


Timing is crucial to protect your property from further calamities. The longer the water sits, the more damage it will cause—physically and financially. Depending on the circumstance, there are different methods to eliminate moisture; but you should always wear gloves and protective gear in case water is contaminated.  First, open any windows and doors for air circulation and to allow moisture to escape. If there is minimal flooding, you can use towels or a wet-dry vacuum to remove water. For other circumstances, you can use a water pump or dehumidifier to eliminate moisture.


Clean Masters have high-tech equipment to extract water and dry your property’s structure before further damage occurs. In a short amount of time, water damage cleanup crews will also remove mold and restore your home or business to pre-loss condition.


  • Inspect Structural Damage


Before a specialist arrives, you can inspect any damage such as severe wood rot, distortion of walls and floor panels, or erosion of your property’s foundation. Be on the lookout for mold and mildew as well. Although these steps will get the job started, they do not guarantee safe and efficient flood damage cleanup. Professionals have high-tech equipment to spot hidden mold and mildew damage in your walls and underneath floors, then dry, clean, and sanitize your home or business

Who Should I Call?

Once you’ve ensured the safety of your family or employees, call a restoration crew immediately. The longer your property is exposed to flood water, the more extensive (and expensive) the damage will be.  If you’ve hired a good water damage repair company like Clean Masters in Charleston, all technicians are certified and use high-tech equipment such as thermal imaging to locate hidden sources of moisture. They will extract any water, dry the structure, and monitor the process. The last step in the water restoration process should be preventative work. This step helps reduce the risk of your home or business flooding again.

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