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What To Keep In A Water Damage Emergency Kit

water damage restoration north charleston, water damage north charleston, water damage cleanup north charlestonMany people keep emergency kits in their cars, but few will keep an easily transportable kit in their home. They probably assume that they have everything they need in their home, and will not need a specialized kit. However, you know in North Charleston, when a storm starts to head in your direction, you might wish you had a kit all set up. You might find that you need some essentials before your water damage restoration company can get to you after a major storm. Here are some things you will want to tuck away for an extremely rainy day. 


One of the things that people might forget to put together when they are evacuating or getting ready to sit through a storm is easily accessible food. You have to think about all the possibilities when you are selecting food to go into your emergency kit. Try to find foods that have a longer shelf life than a day or two and do not need to be frozen or refrigerated. It is likely that you will lose power or won’t have an oven, stove, or microwave, so buy food that you don’t need to heat up. You may want to look into investing in a camp stove if you are foreseeing a particularly devastating storm

Make sure you have good, healthy snacks as well. Potato chips will start to get pretty old if that’s the only thing you packed. It is important that you stay healthy and full of energy when you are going through a storm. 

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are a must-have when you are evacuating to somewhere else or sitting out a storm in your home. If once the flood water has gone down, you have to wait a while before your water damage restoration company can come to you, you will be thankful that you set aside cleaning supplies to start getting some things done yourself. However, if you are dealing with very dirty water, try to stay away from it as much as possible and let the professionals clean that up in a safe way. 

Hygiene And Clothes

Another thing that you should remember to grab if you are evacuating is clean clothes and hygiene supplies. Depending on where you are going, it might be difficult to find these supplies, and if you are escaping a storm and you haven’t been able to enter your home for days, you will start to feel pretty dirty. Sometimes it will take an extended amount of time for your water damage restoration company to complete the clean up of your home. And there is nothing that will revive you and lift your spirits more than a shower and clean clothes to get into. 


When you go through a major storm it is always good to be prepared. You don’t have to have a kit sitting in the corner of your home at all times, but when you hear that there is a hurricane headed in your direction, it might be a good idea to have a list compiled of all the things you will want to gather together. 

If you do end up needing water damage restoration in North Charleston, don’t hesitate to contact the certified and insured professionals at Clean Masters Disaster Restoration Services.

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