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What Is Mold?

mold cleanup north charlestonMost homeowners are not real keen on the idea of having MOLD in their homes. Probably because most people only know that mold is bad, but don’t know much more about it. What is mold, and why are people so concerned by the thought of it lurking about?  What do you do if you find mold growing? If you don’t SEE mold, but there is a musty smell in your home, does that mean you are safe? Let’s look at some facts about what mold really is.

What Is Mold?

Molds are fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors, and we come in contact with them every day. There are so many species of fungi that exist. Some are even friends that play an important role in producing foods, beverages, antibiotics, and enzymes. However, some cause disease and spoilage of food. They grow thread-like structures called hyphae, and mold spreads and reproduces by making tiny spores that float about in the air. Common indoor molds are Cladosporium, Penicillium, Alternaria, and Aspergillus.

Mold growth requires moisture, especially warm, damp, humid conditions. Just perfect for our area, right? Cold, winter conditions outside and warm temperatures inside can cause poor ventilation and higher humidity inside the home, including condensation. Basements and showers are also great breeding grounds for mold.

Unfortunately, some people are very sensitive to mold and become ill when coming into contact with it. Some may have symptoms such as a runny nose, and red or itchy eyes or skin. Those that are allergic to exposure with molds or that have asthma, will have more intense reactions and trouble breathing. Those who have weakened immune systems can get infections caused by mold. Indoor air quality is important to keep occupants safe and healthy.

Safety Precautions And Mold

So, how do we keep our homes safe and our indoor air quality healthy all year-round?  A mold problem is a water problem first. Keeping humidity levels as low as possible by using air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and ventilation or exhaust fans will help. Refrain from using carpeting in bathrooms and basements. If your home has recently had a water damage, inefficient drying and cleanup methods will leave a bigger mess later. Mold can start to grow in optimum conditions within 24 to 48 hours. Not only can mold cause health issues, but can damage your property beyond repair. Mold thrives in wet environments that have a food source of organic building materials.  Some of those sources are paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles, drywall, wood products, carpet fabric and upholstery. This includes most of the materials used in the construction of homes and office buildings.

If you find mold in your home, call a professional mold cleanup crew.  If you are sensitive to mold and mold is seen there can be potential for health risks. Mold cleanup should be done carefully by those who are certified mold remediation specialists who can clean and prevent the spreading of mold spores at the same time. Preventing the risks of airborne mold spores will keep the damage from escalating.

If you think you have mold growing inside your North Charleston home, or place of business, contact Clean Masters! We can help you resolve your mold issue, and we will even work with your insurance company to help you through the mold cleanup process.

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