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Mold Myths Exist

mold cleanup north charleston, mold damage north charlestonEvery day a new study comes out about something that is bad for your health, or there’s new “secret” to getting healthy during the winter or a new product that will create a brand new you!  Here at Clean Masters we also see new studies revolving around mold. The latest “breaking news” we have read on mold had the headline “Mold Doesn’t Grow in The Winter.” Nothing could be farther from the truth!

The idea that winter weather is too cold for mold to grow is simply wrong. Mold can grow wherever there is moisture, and that includes the winter months. We try to keep our North Charleston homes sealed tight for the winter. We turn up the temperature and watch the thermostat rise as warm air circulates through our homes – along with microscopic mold spores. Mold growth in the winter usually occurs on exterior walls and corners. Why? Because those areas are more exposed to the cold air from outside your home. Mix that cold air with the warm air from your heater and you’ve got high moisture levels.

No mold growth in the winter isn’t the only mold myth out there. In fact, here are a few common mold myths every homeowner in North Charleston should be aware of:

Mold Myth: Bleach kills all mold and prevents mold growth.

Using bleach to remove mold does work, but not all of the time and not on every type of mold. Bleach can be effective when killing mold on non-porous surfaces but when it comes to more porous materials like wood or concrete, bleach isn’t the best option. Even if the mold is removed from the surface with bleach there is a high chance that the mold will come back if the source of the mold growth isn’t taken care of or if the mold releases mold spores into the air during the attempt to clean it. Mold spores are resilient and can travel through the air or running water.

Mold Myth: I don’t see a lot of mold growing so I shouldn’t worry.

Unfortunately, the portion of mold that is visible is only a small part of the mold that is actually in the affected area. If you have mold to the point you can visibly see it, you most likely have more of that mold hidden behind the walls, flooring, or ceiling of your home, depending on where you found the mold growing. When mold becomes visible you should consider contacting a professional mold removal expert as soon as possible to remedy the issue before the mold starts to damage your walls, ceiling, or flooring beyond repair.

IF mold does strike your home, don’t put your health or your loved one’s health at risk! Contact a professional mold remediation company for immediate assistance. Clean Masters in North Charleston is one such company that can help you rid your home of mold. Our certified technicians have experience in dealing with all types of mold problems, and will be able to help you restore your home in no time!

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