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When Should A DIY Type Hire A Professional Water Removal Team?


Flood Damage Summerville, Flood Damage Cleanup Summerville, Flood Damage Repair SummervilleAlthough you can usually handle the day to day minor emergencies on your property, flood water often requires additional hands or tools. When a massive flood flows through your business, two things happen. First, the structural integrity of your building is instantly compromised. Second, the water is filled with harmful bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic material that can affect your property. A prompt and effective response protects your inventory, your equipment, and your employees.

As you assess the crisis, consider three factors:

Do you need more manpower?

Can this be cleaned up with the staff you currently have without sacrificing safety elsewhere? And are your employees knowledgeable? If the water is still standing after several hours or days, there’s no way of knowing what’s in it. Water removal specialists have the skill and equipment necessary to remove the water safely without injury or exposure to whatever is in the water. There’s no need to put yourself or anyone else at risk when you can seek the aid of experienced water removal professionals that can bring a crew solely focused on clean-up.

Could you benefit from better equipment?

Wet boots on a wood floor might require a simple wipe up with a paper towel but standing water creates complex problems. If your space has been flooded, assess the capabilities of your existing clean-up equipment. Could you benefit from industrial equipment such as a trailer mounted dehumidifiers, gale force air movers, and additional industrial-sized generators? Few business own portable air scrubbers to control mold.  Using specialized equipment such as negative air machines and portable heaters will help you lessen damage and get your space back to work quickly. Renting expensive, seldom needed, equipment instead of buying will save capital for other business needs.

Are your time and attention better spent on your business?

Although you may be able to monitor a site cleanup, would you be more effective hiring a team? One of the most important aspects post-flooding clean-up is finding the moisture that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Professional remediation teams offer complete structural drying services.

For example,  Clean Masters has sophisticated equipment that is used to locate and track moisture that may be difficult to locate. By combining this equipment with expertly trained technicians, Clean Masters has developed a detailed and comprehensive process that successfully eliminates all moisture from a structure and its contents, drastically reducing the possibility of further environmental concerns in the future.

Clean Masters creates plans that include:

  • Water source detection
  • Water extraction
  • Dehumidification
  • Odor elimination
  • Content and structural drying
  • Mildew detection
  • Humidity and moisture documentation and
  • Working with your insurance company to help you through the process.

Clean Masters approaches each water damage project by maximizing the existing resources and providing the proper level of external services needed. Methodical precision ensures that the entire structure is completely dry while proven processes provide complete satisfaction of clients and their insurance companies.  Cleanmaster’s services range from daily equipment rental to emergency water removal and full content drying. For any water damage help in  Summerville area of South Carolina,  contact Clean Masters today at (843) 972-3555 or at .

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