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So You Had a House Fire, What Now?

Few things are more deadly and more destructive to a home than a house fire. The possibility of this occurring is one of the more Fire Damage Repair North Charleston, fire damage restoration charleston, fire damage cleanup north charlestonfrightening prospects to any homeowner. However, it should bring some peace of mind to have a sure plan of what to do if a fire does occur. Most important, is to contact a qualified cleaning and restoration to come in and begin to fix the damage. Located in North Charleston, South Carolina, Clean Masters Disaster Restoration Services is one such company. We work around the clock to always be ready to help you if disaster strikes. Here is a couple of the things you should know and actions you should take, following a fire.

Be Safe

This is obviously the top priority after any fire-related disaster. Fires can cause major structural damage to a home. Even without visible damage, the lack of structural integrity could be there. Furthermore, the ash and soot resulting from a fire could pose very serious health risks if inhaled. These are just a couple of the many lingering dangers from fire damage. So before you do anything in your home after a fire happens, let professionals secure the property for safety.

Document Lost Items

Once professionals have given you permission to enter your property, document the damage. Take pictures of everything that was damaged in the fire. Ensure that these records are detailed so that you have what you need when dealing with the insurance company.

Rescue Any Undamaged Property

Once you have completed the documentation process, it is time to cleanup the mess. The cleanup process will involve salvaging what property can be saved and throwing out what cannot. The sooner you can remove salvageable property, the better. Lingering smoke and soot can damage property even after flames have been put out. Smoke and soot particles will continue to affect everything in the property until smoke and soot cleanup can be done. A good fire restoration company can help you go through your property and determine which items can be saved and which can’t. They can also help get rid of damaged property that has no chance of restoration.

Contact a Qualified Cleaning and Restoration Company

All the steps mentioned above are extremely helpful, but involving a professional cleaning and restoration crew like those at Clean Masters Disaster Restoration Services is vital. There are many aspects of dealing with fire damage and repair that you simply just can’t and shouldn’t do on your own. That is the beauty of contacting a professional fire damage repair company and having them step in for you. Instead of dealing with the clean-up and repair following a fire, the added stress, AND dealing with the insurance company, you’ll only have to worry about getting your life back to normal. For those in the North Charleston, South Carolina area, please know that you’ve got a friend just a phone call away that will help you put your home back in shape if a fire disaster ever does strike your home.

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