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Mold Myths Busted!

When it comes to mold cleanup in north charleston, there are a lot of opinions and assumptions that are made based on what is and isn’t dangerous, how it should be handled, and what will kill it. A lot of these assumptions, however, prove to be false. Mold is dangerous and it is important to understand the truth. Here are a few common mold myths that prove to be just that.

  1. Mold is Natural, You Shouldn’t Worry About it

While mold may be natural, consistent exposure to mold can have an extremely negative effect on one’s health as well as weaken the walls or ceilings in your building causing a safety hazard. Weak structures can be hard to spot and, most of time, can go unnoticed until it is too late. If mold is growing in your home or place of business, it needs to be safely removed by a qualified professional to ensure that it is completely gone with no further hazards.

  1. A Small Amount of Mold is Nothing to Worry About

Really, the opposite is true. If even a small amount of mold is visibly growing on surfaces in your home, you definitely have something to worry about. Mold is a lot like an iceberg, you generally only see the tip of it while the majority remains unseen and below the surface. If you see a little bit of mold you most likely have more growing under the surface and out of site and will require remediation.

  1. Fix it With Bleach

A lot of times mold begins growing on walls, ceilings, carpets and other surfaces because these surfaces are porous and retain moisture, creating a cozy living space where mold can thrive. Bleach is made to be effective on hard, non-porous surfaces since it isn’t made to go beneath. However, mold spores spread roots and can go deep beneath a porous surface.  Therefore, using a cleaner that will be unable to reach the mold at its roots will be ineffective. Bleach may kill the visible mold, but it can’t totally eradicate it.

  1. If it Isn’t Black, You Can Relax

Black mold can cause various problems and is typically the mold people most associate with being dangerous. However, all mold can be threatening and has the possibility of causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Just because your mold isn’t black does not mean it can’t hurt you. You should hire a mold remediation company to completely remove any mold you find in your home.

  1. Mold is Easy to Remove and You Should do it Yourself

While you Might be able to clean up and remove small quantities and certain kinds of mold, most people are not equipped with the right instruments and training to perform a proper mold remediation. Getting rid of the visible, fuzzy spores and disposing of the evidence of mold by wiping it off or with a chemical cleaner, such as bleach, will not completely solve your problem. Mold removal requires identifying the cause of the growth and isolating it to prevent more spores from growing, cleaning or removing the affected surfaces all the way down to the roots, all while remaining safe with the appropriate protective gear and without causing the surfaces to collapse on top of you. Mold remediation is high risk and should be handled by a trained professional to ensure it is performed properly.

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