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How to Keep your Oriental Rugs Clean

professional cleaning servicesA high-end oriental rug is a beautiful addition to any home. It adds a level of sophistication and richness that just can’t be duplicated. However, since oriental rugs are not all that common, few people know how to take proper care of them. These types of rugs are different from the normal kind of rug you would go and buy at the store. Most of them are handcrafted in countries like Iran, Turkey, India, and Southeast Asia. One of the qualities that make these rugs so appealing is their individuality and the personal effort that goes into making each one.

Oriental rugs are hand woven. Thread after thread, strand after strand each one is expertly crafted by someone skilled in doing so. Because each rug is individually made they come in great variety. They are offered in a wide array design, colors, shapes, and sizes. Oftentimes, the one making the rug adds their own personal touch to each rug they make. They are a powerful symbol of wealth and tradition for Middle Easterners.

Here are a few tips for you to keep your oriental rug in top condition:

Vacuum both sides-

A common mistake a lot of people make with rugs while cleaning is they’ll just go over the top of the rug and forget about the bottom. There are plenty of opportunities for dirt and other undesirables to gather underneath the rug so make sure to vacuum both sides when you clean.

Shampoo the rug with a mild soap mixture-

You do not want to use any powerful cleaning agents to clean the rug as they can be harmful to it. A combination of cool water and mild soap or rug shampoo will work just fine. When you scrub the rug during the shampooing process use a brush with soft hairs that won’t damage the rug. Once you’re finished, lay the rug flat to dry. Don’t just leave it on one side either. When the top of the rug is dry the bottom most likely still has moisture in it.

Block Sunlight-               

Be careful where you place the rug when you get it. It may look great to have it in an open spot of your home where the sun shines through, but that could be a mistake. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause the dye in your rug to fade away prematurely. Flip the rug periodically so for whatever sun damage does occur it is equal on both sides of the rug.

Have it periodically cleaned professionally-

We all like to just do things ourselves and take matters into our own hands. That isn’t always the best idea, though. There are many capabilities professional rug cleaners with their experience and equipment have that no home remedy can replicate. Experts recommend you have your rug cleaned every 3-5 years. Located in Summerville, South Carolina we at Clean Masters Disaster Restoration are one such company. With over two decades of professional experience, we are highly qualified to help you keep your rugs clean and in good shape.


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