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Broken Pipes in The Summer

Do you know how to prepare your water pipes for the summer? While having burst pipes in the summer is not that common, extreme heats and the increased amount of water can lead to an increase of burst pipes and water cleanup in Summerville, SC. Having a burst pipe can happen in your home or even at your business. Here are a few tips to help prevent burst pipes in the summer and reasons why it can happen.

broken pipesHeat

When we have extreme heat with a lack of rain, this will cause the soil to be dried out. When this happens, it makes the soil loose compared to when the soil is moist. With loose soil, the pipes are able to shift and move around more in areas that are affected by the extreme heat. If your soil stays moist, this will keep the ground packed tight to help avoid your pipes from moving and shifting. While having a burst pipe in your house caused from this is unlikely to happen, you could still have a burst pipe on the road or near you. Even though you can not control the weather, you can control how much water you use during extreme heat and cut back on the water to relieve some pressure to avoid water cleanup on your property.

Demand of Water

With summer now here, that means swimming, watering lawns, washing cars, or even playing in the sprinklers. All of this means a greater demand for water usage. With having this increased demand for water could lead to failing pipelines. To make sure this does not happen to you, be sure to have your pipes checked on or updated regularly to keep up with the demand. Check to see if there is any warping in your piped during the winter to make sure your lines can keep up with the summer demand.

Backed Up Pipes

The last place you want to suffer from a clog is in your sewage lines. Believe it or not, sewer backups are more common and messy than most of us think. Sewage pipes have a release pressure spot and this happens to be your toilet. The chances of having a backed up sewer line is higher than having a burst pipe in your home. Not only can your toilet be backed up, but you can also have other backed up lines at your house as well. You could experience having a clogged water pump which can lead to a buildup of pressure and can cause a burst pipe. If you experience any of these issues in the Marana area, be sure to contact a commercial cleaning company right away to help you with your water cleanup.

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